Memorial Ride Recap and Quick Note about Donations

Thank you all for coming to both Matt's memorial and Matt & Kristy's memorial ride. While it was a solemn occassion, we reveled in our numbers (1,000+ they said) and took comfort in the support we provided each other in the form of hugs, smiles and simply just being there.

Thank you also to our gracious co-ride organizers, Third Pillar, as well as Alto Velo and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office for their hand-in-hand support.

Below are a few select pictures from the ride for those of you who were unable to make it. You can view more at the following sites:

* SWoo here
* Francois here
* Randy Rhody here (note: slow to load)

A special thanks to Joe Rodriguez of the San Jose Mercury News who not only covered the event, but also joined us on his bike to participate in the ride. A wonderful video was posted on the SJMN site covering the event as well a full-length feature story. The SF Chronicle also covered the event.

Additionally, with the green light from Matt's family, we are also currently working on plans for distribution of all the donations made in Matt's name to this blog. Please continue to make donations if you would like to, and check back for updates.

Lastly, please take a few minutes of your day, if you haven't see this already...

Again, thank you for everything.
Team Roaring Mouse Cycles

Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson Memorial Ride Pictures
March 15, 2008